Mixed Dozen | Pilot Block Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Merlot | 5 Star Winery | Chain of Ponds (3x 4 Bottles) | Australian Wine Online

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The Chain of Ponds story began in 1985 with the planting of a small pilot block to test the suitability of several emergent grape varieties to the cool climate of Chain of Ponds vineyards at Gumeracha. The success of that exercise and the skill of our wine maker have captured the unique characteristics of these varietals in an innovative range of wines. The Pilot Block label is our recognition of that pioneering vineyard. 

You know when you buy Chain of Ponds that you are buying with the confidence that every detail has been taken into consideration when making this wine. You know you love the region and now its time to savour everything she has to offer. CHAIN OF PONDS  WINES-BRINGING YOU EXCELLENCE IN A BOTTLE.




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