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Type: Mixed Wine

Outback Jack Mixed Dozen: A Taste of Australia

We called our wine Outback Jack because these two words best represent Australia. The Outback speaks for itself and Jack is the quintessential Australian first name because it is clear and unpretentious - just like our wine. If you like crisp, unprentious wines that are full of character then this is the wine for you.

All 750ml bottles

2x Outback Jack Cabernet Merlot - Alc 13.8%

2x Outback Jack Pinot Grigio - Alc 12%

2x Outback Jack Chardonnay - Alc 13.5%

2x Outback Jack Semillon Sauvignon Blanc - Alc 11.5%

2x Outback Jack Shiraz Cabernet - Alc 13.7%

2x Outback Jack Shiraz - Alc 14%

About The Winery

The Winery is located in the New South Wales regional township of Yenda which has a population of around 1,600 people and is 580km south west of Sydney and 500km North West of Melbourne.

The Winery site itself was established in 1945 and it has close ties with the development of the Riverina as a major Australian viticultural area. The winery has the capacity to crush and bottle approximately 20,000 tonnes annually and has a storage capacity of 14 million litres.

From humble beginnings in 2005 Berton Vineyards has grown into one of the 20 largest Wineries in Australia. 

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