Mixed Dozen | 2015 | Best of Both Worlds Charblanc | & | 2014 Stockman Chardonnay

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6 Bottles Best of Both Worlds Charblanc

6 Bottles Stockman Chardonnay


A crisp vibrant blend of Chardonnay (51%) and Sauvignon Blanc (49%) bringing you Australia’s first and freshest blend of these 2 varieties. Charblanc - The Best of Both Worlds - By Grono


The parcels of grapes have been carefully selected to show bright fruit characters and definition of flavour, with a focus on physiological ripeness and tannin.

The Stockman by Grono - Ancient Method Wines showcases the best that Australian wine can offer - premium parcels of the best varieties from the best regions made in our unique rustic style.  As always, our farmyard philosophy and aim of working with nature and given to the season is at the forefront.




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