Mixed Dozen | 2014 | All Bark No Bite Shiraz | & | 2015 | Best of Both Worlds Sauvignon Blanc

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The 2014 vintage was different from most vintages , But with excellent vineyard management there was some great parcels of shiraz around and this wine is no exception, Offering long rich tannins and hints of black pepper with chocolate and blackberry overtones you will be pleased with your selection. Drinking well with roasted and grilled meats and accompanying Asian spicy dishes to perfection.

A crisp vibrant sassy Sauvignon Blanc offering lovely aromas of fresh bouquet with a hint of grapefruit with a zesty lime finish. Palate...Fresh and  Crispy, you will simply want more!  Food matching....This will go well with almost any meal but especially Seafood and Asian dishes.


6 Bottles 2014 All Bark No Bite Shiraz

6 Bottles 2015 Best of Both Worlds Sauvignon Blanc



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