2016 | RAW POWER Shiraz | M.M. 4.5 Stars | Adelaide Plains, SA (12 Bottles) | Australian Wine Online


  1. Frankecooch
  2. Holiday in Angle Vale
  3. Banned in Adelaide
  4. Anarchy in the SA
  5. Vineyard Calling
  6. I Wanna Be Macerated


Rawley Power, the creator of this fine drop. Rewind the tape 20 years and Rawley Power's voice was being pounded into the ear drums of punk music fans throughout this southern land. Rawley's strained voice as front man for punk band 'Anti-power' was also known to true blue fans as the 'RAW POWER SHOW'. As Rawley's voice took hold over the garage crowds whipping them into the original mosh. 20 plus years on, a different life is in full swing as creator of this red flowing liquid. A different life with the same 'my way' approach. Punk singer, punk winemaker, RAW POWER.

14.5 % Alc


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