Good morning folks.

Just a word of thanks to the two very nice fella’s who greeted us when we came to pick our wine yesterday at Klemzig, sorry we didn’t get your names.  Thank you for the gifts, we appreciate your kind gesture.  We wish you success in venture of your young business and hearing of your progress and meeting you again.

Ann and Reg Webb  (SA)



Just want you to know your dispatch & delivery are amazing.  Very pleased with the service and wines.

Tricia Huffa  (SA)


Yip received my wine and loving it!

Jenny MacKenzie (SA)


Thanks for the prompt and efficient service – wine arrived on Friday and was chilled in time to drink today!

Kate Ritani (SA)


Thanks so much for this.  Your wines will be very much appreciated by our guests at our engagement party.  Absolutely perfect timing (and delish wines)

Shery Donnon (SA)


Thankyou for your email.  Yes I received my wine Friday. Great service.  Great wine.  Much appreciated.

Vicki Beitz (SA)


Thankyou.. Speedy delivery.. Arrived yesterday.  Chilled & consumed a rose last night.  Delicious!  Not too sweet like some others.  Do you frequently have offers?  Or membership deals?  Would be keen to try other varieties.  Interested in sparkling reds…

Regards Karen Lyons (SA)


I was so impressed with the last deal and the service that I had to do it again.

Lisa Coles (SA)


Yes, thank you – wines all received in good order within 2 days of me placing the order so I was very impressed!

Elizabeth Jamieson (SA)


Many thanks for the follow up email. We have received the wines thank you and tasted a bottle already – very nice!

Kelly Braysher (SA)


Yes, I received my order very quickly within 2 days.  Thank you very much.

Twyla Howard (SA)


I have received the wines – they are lovely!

Belinda Smith (SA)


Yes thank you – received very promptly which was a nice surprise!

Jill Taylor-Gooding (SA)


The wines have arrived and I was really impressed with the prompt delivery and that the wines were delivered and left out the front where asked.

Vanessa De Pretis (SA)


The wines were promptly delivered last Thursday and we have already enjoyed a couple of bottles.  Thank You

Mariella Linou (SA)


I have received all of my wines, even managed to drink some of it over the weekend (quite nice).  Thank you and as discussed on Friday, I look forward to your new web site.

Robyn Dell’Oro


Yes thank you, we have also sampled one and it’s not bad at all.  Appreciate the follow up.

Viv Astill (SA)


We were away for the weekend and arrived home to find the wines….yey.  What great service Thanks

Lydia Schreiner (SA)


Yes we received the carton on Friday and some has already been drunk.  Great service!

Maureen Sutton (SA)


Yes I have received the wines.  Service was very prompt.  Thanks.

Michael Sickerdich (SA)


I have received my order and am very happy with the wine and how quickly I received it.  Will definitely recommend it to my friends.  If I want to re-order in future ...can I order directly from you?

Laura D’Cruz (SA)


Thanks very much, I was very surprised and happy to receive the delivery last Friday.  Excellent service thanks very much.

Chris Michael (SA)


Received and better quality than what I expected for the price.  Thanks very much.

Phil Rothe (SA)


Many thanks.  I received the wine on Friday.  What a pleasure dealing with such a super efficient company.

Jenny MacKenzie (SA)


Many thanks.  The wine was actually delivered Friday afternoon which was great (& redelivered when I was home yesterday)  I just want to say thank you for such an efficient service.

Dayan Trott (SA)


Received the wine Friday (amazingly fast delivery), opened a bottle with dinner last night – very nice.  Thankyou

Jan Wood (SA)


My wine has already arrived I am impressed with your efficiency.  It’s a nice change to buy from an honest seller usually you wait weeks after the promised date of delivery for the goods you have paid for.  Thanks again.

Margaret (SA)


Thankyou, parcel arrived yesterday!  Very impressed with the quick postage!

Lisa Schebella (SA)


Having dealt with you previously, I do find you extremely professional.  Your service is appreciated.

Steve Lowe (SA)


Wow!!  Arrived today – thankyou so much for the great service – very happy!!

Tanya (SA)


That’s wonderful service.  Thanks so much for that.

Dion Daniell (SA)


Just wanted to say THANKS!   For a great shopping experience, my wine arrived the next day and the Fully Loaded is ace.

Kate Smith (SA)


They have already arrived, thanks a lot, awesome service by the way, you guys rock.

Darren Hicks (SA)


It arrived today before your email with the tracking number.  It must be the fastest delivery I have ever had.  Thank you for your wonderful service.

Heather Pettina (SA)


Thankyou, wine was delivered today…fastest delivery I have ever had.

Joyce Mackie (SA)


To say that my partner --Elly Alford—and I were surprised, this evening, to find our wine deliveries waiting for us, is an understatement. We were completely gob smacked. I don’t think we’ve had service like that from any online store...  Thank you.  We’ve taken the wines down to our cellar, where they’ll age gracefully.

Please add us to your emailing lists, and you can be sure that we’ll be buying from you again in the near future,

Kindest regards

Heath James (SA)