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Nericon Mixed Dozen includes:
All bottles are 750ml.

2 X Nericon Cabernet Sauvignon - Alc. 14%

Awards: 4x Gold 1x Silver 2x Bronze

This Cabernet Sauvignon was sourced from our Nericon Vineyard Reserve Parcels, with beautiful dark fruit aromas on the nose. Your pallet is rewarded with tastes of fine tannins with notes of blackcurrant and plum complimented by American oak.


2 X Nericon Durif - Alc. 14.5%

Awards: 2x Gold 5x Silver 5x Bronze

Nericon Durif shows a dense colour with vibrant purple hues. Offering a complex and deeply layered structure of cassis, blueberries, anise and pepper spice. The rich tannins evolve onto the palate providing a long, lively finish accompanied by vanilla oak and luscious floral aromas.


2 X Nericon Pinot Noir -Alc. 14%

Awards: 1x Bronze

Nericon Pinot Noir has a distinctly elegant balance of red berry flavours that linger on the pallet. Strawberries and spice hit the nose with a lift of fresh acidity. Its bright cherry colour is complemented by fine tannins and a medium body.


2 X Nericon Shiraz -Alc. 14.5%

Awards: 1x Gold 1x Bronze

Nericon Shiraz is a decadent blend of concentrated dark fruit flavours mellowed with chocolate and coffee. Notes of liquorice hit the nose with a hint of pepper and mint, adding a complexity to its rich full-bodied finish.

1 X Nericon Pinot Grigio -Alc. 11.5%

Awards: 1x Gold 2x Silver 3x Bronze

Nericon Pinot Grigio has a crisp, ripe and vibrant expression of the grape, with a light fragrant aroma hitting the nose. Its approach to the palate is swift, with tones of green apple and pear followed by the tart acidity of citrus.

1 X Nericon Chardonnay -Alc. 13%

Awards: 3x Bronze

Nericon Chardonnay displays pale straw hues. The palate is medium bodied exhibiting white peach and nectarine. The bright acidity and fresh fruit flavours create a well-structured palate. Complemented by french oak and a crisp finish.

1 X Rose -Alc. 13%

Nericon Rosé presents a lively aroma of raspberries and cream.  This beautifully balanced, dry style Rosé carries an abundance of fruitful cherry flavour and red berry notes. It is rounded out by a refreshing palate, leaving a textual, crisp dry finish. Perfectly matched with fresh prawns, spicy pork or a Greek salad.

1 X Nericon Sauvignon Blanc -Alc. 13%

Awards: 1x Bronze

Nericon Sauvignon Blanc has an intense crispness, with a lively passionfruit aroma. It combines layers of gooseberry and stone fruit to create a wonderful complexity. Its fullness coats the mouth and produces a long well rounded finish.

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