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Nightly dark yet bright as if draped in a violet-plum moonshine. Damson plums and reduced plums and plum jam made yesterday morning and, oh, plum chutney too. All of this plummy aromaticity is set off by other primary fruit drivers: olives, bay, the more freshly picked woody herbs such as sage and rosemary and thyme. The bouquet whispers of dark liqueur chocolate, cocoa and vanilla. Here is a ripe yet restrained profile of fruit purity; the palate is clean, clear and defined - etched minerality and savouriness runs in fine powdery tannic layers. This is Barossa that is beautiful not brazen; beguiling not boisterous; a balance not a bomb, yet still indubitably - indubitably - Barossa.

Medals & Awards

  • Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition (USA) 2020 – Platinum, 95 Points
  • San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2020 - Gold Medal, 93 Points
  • China Wine & Spirits Awards 2019 – Gold Medal
  • New Zealand International Wine Show 2019 – Gold Medal
  • Woman Wine & Spirit Awards UK 2020 – Gold Medal
  • China Wine & Spirits Best Value 2020 - Silver Meda

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