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We all know it's much easier to drink a cocktail than make one. CQ Spritz is here!

A Moscato based beverage with all natural cocktail flavours and a light bubble.

Just drink from the can or pour over ice, add a garnish and enjoy!

- 8 % ABV 
- No sugar added 
- Gluten free
- All natural flavours

6x4 Packs $99.99 ($16.65 each)


4 Flavours Available:

A citrus and sweet cocktail that brings a delightful frozen treat. The combination of smooth white rum, perfectly ripened strawberries and a squeeze of fresh lime, producing a wonderfully refreshing summertime drink.

Alc: 8%


Providing a Caribbean experience, this delicious and tropical concoction combines the flavours of fresh pineapple, a smooth Puerto Rico rum and a dash of coconut cream to finish a marvellous beverage.

Alc: 8%


The Negroni cocktail is a classic Italian aperitive. The classic elements of aromatic herbs, traditional Italian style Vermouth bitters and clean refreshing orange lead to a memorable Negroni flavour base.

Alc: 8%

The famous cosmopolitan gives off a ‘’Sex and the City’’ ambience. Aromatic orange bitters are combined with North American cranberry juice to deliver a smooth, subtle and sophisticated Cosmo experience.

Alc: 8%

If no flavour selection is made at time of ordering, a random selection will be made for you.

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