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Mixed Dozen includes:

6x Uleybury Wines 2016 Sangiovese + 6x Uleybury Wines 2016 Merlot


Tasting Notes

Uleybury Wines 2016 Sangiovese

A fresh palatewith young cherry and licorice characters. Well blended with good acidity.

Alc 15.5%

Uleybury Wines 2016 Merlot

Intense fruit flavours of cherry and plum follow through the palate finishing smooth and elegant.

Alc 14.5%


About The Winery

Uleybury Wines is a family owned and operated boutique winery. It is located within the Adelaide Region, South Australia. 

Uleybury wines are Estate Grown. This is a rare occurrence in the industry which is becoming dominated by multinational cooperation's who manufacture wine to specifications, rather than reflecting soil, climate, variety and season. 

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