Sparkling Shiraz Loves Pizza

If you’ve never tried Sparkling Shiraz before, imagine a cool, vivid purple frothy liquid that fizzes, bubbles and oozes aromas of blackcurrants, blackberries, chocolate, cherries and strawberries. Once the bubbles settle in your glass, you’ll taste all of that fruitiness along with hints of oak and spice. 

Sparkling Shiraz is one of Australia’s most iconic contributions to the wine world. Inspired by the Sparkling Burgundy’s of France that originated in the 1800’s, Australian Sparkling Shiraz takes our unparalleled Shiraz Wine and enhances it with the brilliant effervescence of sparkling wine. 

While Sparkling Shiraz is produced throughout many Australia wine regions, The Barossa is the mecca of Sparkling Shiraz and you’re highly unlikely to find a Barossa Sparkling Shiraz that isn’t well rounded, full bodied with a great balance of acidity and tannins to tingle your taste buds.

Sparkling Shiraz pairs brilliantly with a variety of foods such as Asian style barbecue pork and teriyaki salmon, glazed ham, roast lamb and even to match your desserts of rich pudding and dark chocolate. However, in our opinion, there is nothing that pairs better with Sparkling Shiraz than a big-ol delicious pizza!

The fizz and tingle of the bubbles in the Shiraz cut through the fat of the gooey-melty cheese and the array of red and black fruits flavours combine with the savoury-ness of the pizza to create a little moment of fruity-cheesy heaven in your mouth! The secret is to make sure your Sparkling shiraz is lightly chilled and not too cold so that you get the full experience of berry, oak and spice.

Ready to throw a Sparkling Shiraz and Pizza Party? We’ve got you! Our CBTD Sparkling Series Shiraz Cleanskin is (you guessed it) straight out of the Barossa, always a crowd pleaser and exceptionally priced!

So go on, pour yourself a glass of lightly chilled Sparkling Shiraz, whack a slice of ozey cheese pizza in your gob and enjoy the magic! You can thank us later.

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