Myth: White wine is for girls...

Myth: White wine is for girls...

Tom Lloyd

"Only women are drinking white wine, men are drinking red wine or beer because it's what the right men do. We just say to all these guys, "it's time to wake up!"
Wine is like women, each of them is special, with a mark and a bottle form.
"I drink red wine only," a real wine connoisseur never says. "No, I've never dated French brunettes with blue eyes, tattoos and limp." That's like your single friend.
In most of the industry, particularly the blonds, he is seriously missing and he has a lot of fun!

Be frank, most men only try a white wine because they do not have the alternative, take a sip of a full bottle before returning it to their wife. It's still a very humid, terrible, sick-sweet wine that even your wife doesn't like. Indeed, the only one who does is great Aunt Geraldine, who snacks in the corner, happily plastered, with palates filled with cigars for several years. But I digress... I digress... 

A good toasty aged Chardonnay is “bloody beautiful mate” (in my best Aussie accent).  In Australia alone you have the unquestionable Hunter Valley Semillons which are a full on MAN white wine… but more importantly, you have Riesling. A refreshing dry crisp Riesling is something a man can appreciate and enjoy….try this on for size! Riesling is a great food wine paired with white fish or pork, and has the balls (acidity) to stand up to many Asian cuisines.

The stigma that a Riesling is sweet wine is far from the truth with tropical stone fruits and mineral flavours that get incredibly complex as it ages.

I tasted the 2000 Pipers Brook from Tasmania (pictured) with roast pork.   This crisp dry wine had a very clean, lightly acidic finish combining hints of lemon/lime & stone fruits with a very slight honeyed nose. It was very delicate on the palette and the flavours just sat there for ages. Via the pig, his aged and refreshing white wine really enriched the flavor of the entire meal.
Ideal for a sunny Sunday afternoon without sleeping.
It opened up in the bottle too, because it didn't have a great shot.

It's time for men to crack the fetters of white wine...
Variety is the spice of life and now and again, even though it only cements your former status, you have to try something else. 

If you worry about your manhood in front of other men drinking white wine, note that – you should serve in a large glass of bucket size:).
Bigger is great! Bigger is better!