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Why sparkling wine and fast food go together so well

Tom Lloyd

Do you think you should splurge on oysters or caviar the next time you pop the cork on a bottle of sparkling wine?

Consider it again.

Sparkling wines adore grease and salt almost as much as you do after a diet or the morning after the night before. Even the finest Champagnes, despite their high-brow image, aren't afraid to get down and dirty with classic low-brow dishes.

In fact, sparkling wines and fried, fatty foods are an unlikely culinary match made in heaven. Do you still not believe us? Here are five examples of successful pairings. 


Cava and finger-licking chicken

Fried chicken and a glass of fizz was an early supporter of the foodie trend of combining low-brow dining with high-brow drinking.
The natural acidity of sparkling wine cuts through the tongue-coating feel of greasy dishes, with the bubbles cleansing your palate between mouthfuls and complementing the satisfying crunch of deep-fried goodness.


A cheeseburger and a glass of sparkling rosé

Sparkling rosé gets its dainty pink hue primarily from the addition of a small amount of red wine (the rosé d'assemblage method, if you want to impress the wine snobs in the room) or by allowing minimal skin contact (rosé de saignée).
Sparkling rosé is an underappreciated food-pairing workhorse thanks to the added depth of flavor created by both techniques.


Extra brut and hot chips

Do you smother your chips in tomato sauce or vinegar? Maybe you're a mayo fan (don't knock it until you've tried it). Next time, skip the condiments entirely and go straight for the champers. A bowl of crunchy, salty hot chips pairs perfectly with a dry sparkling wine – try an extra brut Champagne with little or no ‘dosage.'


Fish ‘n’ chips with perfect champagne

Blanc de blancs (literally "white of whites" in French) is a sparkling wine made entirely of white grapes, most commonly chardonnay. Blanc de blanc's citrus profiles and low-key minerality complement the subtle flavors of a nice piece of mild fish, such as flathead or whiting, while cutting through the hearty batter.


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