Why Australian Wine Is Better Than You Think

Why Australian Wine Is Better Than You Think

Tom Lloyd

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to wines is France. Or is that it?
For a long time, French wines have dominated the wine market, but recently new game players, in particular Australia wine, have changed their scores. Although it wasn't until the end of the 18th century that Australia began growing grapes, the country quickly picked up the pace.


According to a wine tasting event held at the Australian House in London in 2006, Aussie wines won a fight over well-known French wines. Approximately 300 hundred advanced participants and wine experts were asked to taste, smell and comment on various wines blindfolded. The decision was unanimous and the Australian wines won the fight.

If it was because of this occurrence or something else, since the world's top winemaker slipped from first to third place and the New World wines took over.
Aussie wines are becoming a new 'must try' and more and more people are buying Australian wine online than French wines. But what makes Aussie wines a preferred option for many?

How Wines are Named – Australian wine makers label wines after the grape variety, while French wine makers brand wines after the grape variety (geographical location where wines are produced).
Therefore, the fact that Aussie winemakers have more accurate details on wine and easy-to-read labels is one of the reasons why many choose to purchase Australian wine online or offline.

Climate Grapes Are Grown In – French grapes are grown in a hotter climate.
Cool-climate regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne – produce light-bodied wines of high acidity but low alcohol content. Australia wine has a slightly warmer climate and makes more graceful full-bodied wines with a high degree of acidity and alcohol. Wines made in the cooler southeastern part of Australia (Yarra Valley and Adelaide Hills) have more earthy tones and fruity flavours. Wines grown in warmer parts (McLaren, Vale and Barossa) are renowned for their strong fruity aromas and delicate notes of mint.


This is another advantage Australian wines have over French wines.