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Top 3 Australian Wines for Fall 2017.

Mansel Milne

With autumn steadily taking hold, replacing the recently refreshing green pastures with colorful swirls of fallen leaves - we often find ourselves pondering, if we eat seasonally, should we not drink seasonally as well? A lovely idea, and one that is very sound, especially so when it comes to wines. In today’s writing, we would like to introduce you, our dear reader, to some of the finest selection of wines in reds, whites and sparkling wines that are simply the best fit for the current season.

First off let’s cover the reds. For many people, even without knowing the specifics of what is a “summer wine” and what is a “fall wine,” many instinctually settle with white wine and roses while the warmer weather takes hold, but as soon as the autumn breezes sweep in and we find ourselves digging our old sweaters out of their summertime storage - many of us lean towards the fine lineup of robust red wines. Now let’s ponder a minute - why the reds? Many popular red wines (Pinot Noirs, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignons, Cabernet Merlots and the list goes on) are often medium to full bodied and have a range of rich yet delicate flavors that simply pair well with autumn fare. Our selection among all of Australia’s red wine’s for this fall season is none other than the 2012 Stockman Cabernet Sauvignon hailing from one of the most highly-rated wineries in South Australia. This illustrious red is made from the finest handpicked parcels of grapes to show bright fruit characteristic and a hint of dark chocolate with a lovely perfumed lift on the bouquet.

While red wines are amazing and often easily paired with a meal of any occasion - autumn often calls for us to bring about our inner chef and look towards a fine season of cookery coupled with soft and hard cheeses, roasted white meats, poached or slow-cooked platters, and who could ever forget the amazing selection of seafood. And what goes better with all these gastronomical wonders than a fine bottle of Pinot Gris? Well, this season we have just the right bottle for you - The Basket Case 2014 Pinot Gris. Do you miss Spring already? This wine brings hints of white florals, honeysuckle and rose petals that leap out of the bottle, delightfully integrated with freshly cut pear, white peach, and nectarines.  And there is nothing to help you daydream of nature waking up after a long winter than palate flooded with a refreshing and lively balance of ripe fleshy stone fruit and baked apple. The fresh fruit sweetness is coupled with a complex layer of creaminess that results in a long elegant lingering finish.

Now you might be thinking “Well, those both sound nice, but I’m looking for … you know, something different, something new.” Worry not, we have a special treat for all of you adventurous souls out there across the globe. This fall, one of our favorite Australian wine retailers are holding a special promotion, aptly named - My Mystery Dozen. The concept is simple, the amazing specialists over at Cheaper Buy The Dozen will put together a special dozen bottles, catered to you. This selection consists of a tasteful mixture of hand-picked unique reds and whites that go perfectly with any seasonal fare demands and can satisfy even the most curious drive for new flavors and new experiences this Fall.