The 5 Best White Wines for 2021

The 5 Best White Wines for 2021

Tom Lloyd

From a distance, the unsuspecting wine drinker may make the assumption that people who drink only red wine have all the fun.
But red wine just can’t cope with the “fun” aspect that comes with drinking a fabulous white.
What do you think they're sipping on those multi-million dollar yachts and at every Relais & Châteaux resort poolside?

The predominant flavors of great white wines are bolstered less by summer's red fruits and more by autumn's yellow fruits, from ever-popular chardonnay to zesty pinot Gris and evergreen sauvignon blanc.
Citrus dominates the palate, and herbs make frequent appearances.
White wines, of course, are better served chilled, making them suitable for the summer months.

Exquisite white wines are made all over the world, and to help you choose the right one, we've compiled a list of the best white wines to drink right now.


BEST OVERALL: Hoggies Moscato | 5 Star Winery | Medal Winner | Wine of Coonawarra

Wine of Coonawarra seems to be only capable of producing world-class, nuanced, completely lip-smacking, and rewarding wines. They also have the good fortune of collaborating with vineyards that are situated on ideal marine and sandy soils with cool mornings and evenings—ideal growth conditions for producing outstanding Moscato.

This Muscat of Alexandria wine has a fragrant, powerfully perfumed nose with deep sherbet, honey, and melon flavors.

A great match for soft cheeses and a relaxing Sunday lunch.


Drovers Lane Chardonnay | Wine of South Eastern Australia

This Chardonnay has a lovely straw color when poured into a bottle.
Crisp fruit aromas pervade the bouquet. On the palate, similar flavors are complemented by delicate buttery oak nuances. These qualities ultimately lead to a soul-satisfying conclusion. You may enjoy it chilled with roast chicken or barbecued pork chops.

Drovers Lane is a line of wines developed by Dee Vine Estate, a multi-award-winning winery. Adrian Bianchini and Fernando Rombola own and run the winery and vineyards, which they established in 1930.

They make excellent wines with high-quality grapes and environmentally sustainable wine-making techniques. Their philosophy is to create wines that are both inexpensive and open to the general public.


Three Pillars The Gourmet Sauvignon Blanc | Wine of South Australia

At Three Pillars, we conclude that three basic pleasures: food, wine, and music, are the pillars of gracious living and a happy life.Life is wonderful when there's fruit, wine, and music nearby.

The wines in the "The Gourmet" series honor the pleasures of preparing a dinner, sharing a table with family and friends, and indulging in the colors and flavors of fine cuisine.

Dominic Wines Evolution Chardonnay | Wine of South Australia

With exquisite aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle, nectarines, apricots, and peaches, the wine has a bright pale straw color. The wine has a medium body and a perfect, long finish.

It's ideal for informal dining or social events.
Sushi, salads, and delicately flavored seafood are also good candidates. 

Twin Island Sauvignon Blanc | Wine of Marlborough, New Zealand

Twin Island wine-making is sympathetic and non-intervention al, allowing the grapes' true characters to come through. We use grapes mostly from the valley floor. Twin Islands is part of the portfolio of premium wines produced at Nautilus Estate of Marlborough, one of our country's most highly esteemed wineries, and it's made in some of the finest facilities in New Zealand.

Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc adores wine, and Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc adores fruit. Citrus flavors and traces of fresh herbs add to a zesty, mouth-watering finish with a bright scent and crisp palate.
This is a food-friendly wine that goes well with fish, Asian flavors, and everything new, zingy, or bold.