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Our Top 5 White Wines for Spring 2020

Tom Lloyd

With spring in the air, light and refreshing wines are the perfect choice. Whether you want to sip them outdoors with friends or gather around the table with family, the harmony of the season begs for beautiful white wines that are sure to please your palate.


These 5 best wines for spring 2020 will finally give you something to love about this year!


  1. Three Pillars Pinot Grigio

This delightful gourmet Pinot Grigio by Three Pillars is a heavenly match for meals. Bring the people that bring you bliss to your table to indulge in this crisp and lively wine. On the nose, a brilliant swirl of citrus and pear meld with just a touch of apricot. The cheerful scent gives way to a fresh and lively flavour.


Serve it with light pasta sauces brimming with clams or prawns. Risotto and carbonara are also a match, though if you’re looking for something different, serve it with sushi.


  1. Wine Gang Sauvignon Blanc

A relatively new entry, Wine Gang’s Sauvignon Blanc is a fun and easy-going choice. Lively and ready for bringing good times to your spring gatherings, it is made from a mixture of fruits from Australia and New Zealand.


Chill it and have it ready to serve with smoked salmon for a truly pleasurable experience. Fresh oysters are another impeccable tasting option, while delicate fish like sole makes a phenomenal main course. If you’d prefer to keep it a simple time, create a cheese tray that includes goat cheese for a winning pairing.


  1. Dominic Wines Evolution Range Chardonnay

Create a casual and uplifting atmosphere by serving Dominic Wines Evolution Range Chardonnay. On the nose, the elegant fragrance of jasmine swirls with sweet nods from nectarines, honeysuckle, peaches, and apricot.


With a medium body, it delivers with a full and long palate that bodes well for your delicate fish dishes, green and fresh lunch salads, and even sushi for a very surprising and unique experience.


  1. Pure Vision Sauvignon Blanc

Following a vegan lifestyle? Pure Vision Sauvignon Blanc is a quality wine selection. It features a slight grassiness with a touch of kiwi, citrus, and pineapple on the nose. In addition to being vegan, it is organic and preservative-free.


Enjoy this South Australian wine chilled as a bounty of lovely fruit flavours and well-balanced acidity great your palate. You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy this lovely spring wine, which pairs beautifully with seafood. If vegan guests are joining you, it matches with artichokes, asparagus, and green salads. Try something different by uncorking this with Mexican cuisine too!


  1. Outback Jack Pinot Grigio

One last Pinot Grigio that will grab your attention for spring 2020 is this one by Outback Jack. The brand and the wine itself are as unpretentious as it gets. It’s crisp and brimming with character for a light and refreshing taste on your palate.


Enjoy the tingling acidity with a slight touch of lemon, lime, and pear for something that feels invigorating and fun. Chill it to drink as an aperitif, or even better, serve your favourite fish dish along with a robust green salad for the best springtime meal.


Each of these 5 wines will give you the best chance to enjoy the reawakening of the spring season, so be sure to stock up!